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How to cut carrots

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Start by cutting off both ends of the carrot.

Then, using a vegetable peeler, peel the carrots and then rinse them well.

To chop them into sticks or to dice them, first cut the carrots into 4 to 5cm (or 1.5 to 2 in) pieces.

Sticks / diced

Cut them in half, then place them flat-edge down on a cutting board to cut them into sticks.

Cut them to the size you want.

Once you have sticks, pile them up and cut them evenly to dice.

Press on the end of the sticks using your thumb to slide them evenly while slicing.

The tip of the blade never leaves the cutting board.

The size of the dice depends on the size of the sticks.

To get perfect cubes, start by cutting off the four sides of the carrot to get a regular shape.

Perfect cubes

Be careful to keep the carrot still while cutting.

Cut them evenly into slices. Stack them up to cut sticks, then pile up the sticks to cut cubes.

To get rounds, hold your knife firmly and never lift the point from the board.


Use your thumb to prevent the carrot from sliding on the board.

You can also make grooves in them first to get a nice flower shape when you slice them.

Flower shape


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