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How to Steam Vegetables

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Learn how to steam vegetables.

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It's a great and healthy way to get the best out of your veggies


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The techniques explained in this video are easy to follow for beginners.

In this video you will learn how to steam fresh vegetables.

This method is particularly useful for frozen vegetables which are pre-cut or small in size.

It is a healthy, quick and cheap way of cooking which is used to soften vegetables and make them easy to digest whilst preserving their vitamins and flavours.

For the best results the cooking process should be for as little time as possible.

It is this which gives the vegetables their appetising colour and texture.

For optimum results the cooking process should also take place at full steam.

Make sure the steamer is closed.

Now follow the steps in this technique and you will easily learn this cooking method.

We will use: an artichoke, a pepper, asparagus tips and a potato but feel free to replace these with any fresh vegetables which you like.

You will also need a steamer.

In order to cook large quantities use a steamer with a larger surface area like this one.

Finally you will need water and a utensil to pick up the hot food.

In order to give flavour to the steam feel free to replace the water with a stock of your choice.

Here we simply add thinly sliced lemongrass to the water.

Before beginning we have prepared and washed the vegetables.

Prepare the steamer

First step: Prepare the steamer.

Pour around 2cm of water into the steamer,

then put the basket compartment into the base of the steamer.

The water should not enter into the basket compartment

Then cover the steamer.

Pre-heat the steamer

Second step: Pre-heat the steamer.

Put the gas under the steamer on at a medium heat.

Soon there will be a thick steam coming from it.

Whilst waiting move on to the next step.

Chop the vegetables

Third step: Chop the vegetables

Chop the vegetables into small pieces of the same size in order to ensure they cook quickly and evenly.

There is no point in chopping them if they aren't very thick and are of the same size, for example the asparagus tips.

Begin cooking

Fourth step: Begin cooking

Take the lid off carefully:

the steam is extremely hot. Leave it to disperse before continuing.

Place the vegetables in the basket compartment

The steam should be able to move freely:

make sure to leave space between them, without piling them up.

Cover the steamer and make sure it is airtight,

lower the gas to the minimum level.

Leave the vegetables to cook for a few minutes.

Stop cooking

Fifth step: Stop cooking

Different types of vegetables will cook in different time periods.

Check that all of them are cooked before stopping.

In order to know when to stop cooking, taste the vegetables regularly.

Once you are happy with how they are cooked,they're ready.

You can also pierce them with a knife. If the knife goes through easily then they are ready.

Turn the gas off and remove the lid

Then take the vegetables out.

You now know how to steam vegetables!

Eat them quickly!


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