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Chopping fresh herbs

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Learn how to chop fresh herbs to add instant flavour and finesse to your dish.

Sikana is an NGO from Paris, France that wants to revolutionise education and make practical skills available to all, for free.
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Helen Moss - Sikana
Helen Moss
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The techniques presented in this video are easy to complete if you are at a reasonable level.

Preparation: 15 minutes

In this video, you will learn how to chop fresh herbs, which means cutting them into small pieces.

Their flavour will then permeate throughout the dish.

Follow the steps and you will quickly learn the technique.

In this demonstration, we are using parsley. Feel free to replace it with herbs of your choice.

You will need a chopping board and a knife with a rounded blade.

It is important that your knife is well-sharpened so that you can cut the herbs without crushing them.

Before starting we have already washed and dried the parsley and removed it from its stalks.

First step.

Bunch the herbs together

Bunch the herbs together. Hold them so that they don't come apart, but without crushing them.

Second step.

Chop the herbs finely

Cut the herbs into small pieces like this.

Chopping is done using this movement.

The knife moves from front to back and is always in contact with the chopping board.

The fingers push the herbs under the blade.

Third step.

Mince the herbs

Cut the herbs into even smaller pieces, in this way.

Chopping is done using this movement.

Now you know how to chop herbs!


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