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Cutting vegetables in sticks and cubes

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Translated by Anahita Shahrokh

Sikana is an NGO from Paris, France that wants to revolutionise education and make practical skills available to all, for free.
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The techniques shown in this video are simple and can be reproduced if you have a advanced cooking skills.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

In this video, you will learn to cut vegetables in sticks also known as julienning and cubes also known as dicing.

This will allow them to cook evenly, and give your dish a more refined look.

The goal is to cut the vegetable like a grid.

Follow the steps and you will be able to easily reproduce this technique.

In this video, we'll cut a sweet potato and a zucchini, but feel free to use any other vegetable you would like.

You will need a cutting board and a sharp knife.

We have already rinsed and peeled the vegetables.

Step one.

Cut the vegetable into a block

Cut four sides off the vegetables to form an even block, like this.

Put the cut pieces aside to use in another dish, like a soup for example.

Step two.

Choose the thickness

Cut even pieces, like this.

Step three.

Cutting into sticks

Cut the sticks evenly, like this.

Step four.

Cutting into cubes

Cut the cubes into even pieces, like this.

Now you know how to dice and julienne vegetables


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