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Tire Repair: Use a Puncture Repair Kit

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Learn how to fix a flat, punctured bike inner tube with a puncture repair kit.

This video is for any bike user who wants to be prepared to deal with common problems such as a flat tyre

Everyone cyclist will experience a puncture, or flat, tire at least once! Using a puncture repair kit is one of the most common ways to repair it. It can even be done on the road side. Make sure you have a pump with your inflate a patched up tire. If done well, the repair kit can make a puncture tire good as new!

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In this video, you will learn how to repair a puncture, or flat tyre using a puncture repair kit.

This technique can be extremely useful when out on a ride and, if done properly, can last a very long time.

You'll need: a bike puncture repair kit, including plastic tyre levers, and a pump.

The key steps are: locating the puncture, removing the inner tube, applying the patch, replacing the inner tube.

Turn the bike upside down .

This will make it easier to remove the wheel.

If it isn't already, deflate the tyre fully.

You can insert a tyre into the valve to help you do this.

Use the tyre levers to liberate the tyre, like this.

Then remove the punctured inner tube from the tyre.

For more on these steps, see the videos: Puncture Repair: How to Remove Front or Rear Wheel of a Bike and Puncture Repair: How to Replace an Inner Tube on a Bike wheel.

Remove the tyre fully and carefully check the inside as the the object which caused the puncture may still remain.

Remove it carefully.

Pump a bit of air back in to help you locate the puncture.

If you can't feel or hear any air escaping, then the puncture must be very small.

you could locate the puncture by holding your tube underwater and looking out for escaping air bubbles.

Use the sandpaper from your repair kit to roughen up the surface of the inner tube around the puncture.

This ensures that the glue adheres well.

Apply a thin layer of the glue found in your repair kit and spread it over the surface around the puncture.

Wait at least 1 minute for the glue to become sticky and dry.

Take a patch from your repair kit, remove the foil side and Place it over the middle of the puncture.

Press down for at least one minute.

You can smooth the patch down with your thumb or the flat side of a tyre lever to make sure it is stuck squarely over the puncture You can then carefully remove the clear plastic wrapper although this is not essential.

Pump up the tyre slightly to test that the patch has stuck well and is not leaking air.

This also avoids pinching punctures when you come to replace it.

Reinsert the tube, and pump the tyre back up to the recommended pressure before replacing .

You know now how to an patch up a puncture.

Enjoy your ride!


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