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How to Clean a Chain

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In this video you will learn about chain wear, or stretch, and how to clean your chain to make it last longer.

This video is for any bike user interested in getting the most out of their bike parts

Learn any easy way to measure bike chain stretch and know when you should thinking about replacing your old bike chain

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In this video you will learn how to care for and check for wear in a bike chain using either a ruler, or a specially-adapted chain wear gauge We will be using, a chain wear gauge, a metal ruler with inch marks , some chain de-greaser, and some chain lubricant

Chain wear occurs when the rivets which connect individual chain links together begin to pull and wear down the sides of the rivet holes, creating empty space.

This means the chain gets longer over time and is sometimes known as "chain stretch" A worn chain will fall off the chainring often and damage the other components of the gear mechanism.

it could even break altogether which would be very dangerous when riding

The ruler

To measure the wear of a chain by ruler, you will need to measure the distance between the centre of each rivet on a new, unworn chain in inches.

Each link should be an equal distance from the other.

Measure how many links there are over 12inches

Compare the measurements of a new chain with those of the chain you are checking.

If you have fewer links over 12 inches, your chain has stretched and should be replaced.

Even a very small amount of wear to your chain should be taken seriously.

The gauge.

The chain wear gauge is simple to use and gives an immediate, accurate result Simply place the hooked end between two links.

The other end of the tool will have measurements on it in the shape of a T corresponding to the percentage amount of stretch.

If the 0.75arm fits between the chain links, you should replace the chain.

If the 1.0 arms fits between the chain links, you should replace both the chain and the chainring

The arms of the tool will not enter the links of an unworn chain.

You can also try pulling the chain at the front chainring to see whether it's worn.

For a worn chain you will be able to pull the chain away from the chainring But for a new chain, you won't be able to lift the chain away a

You can increase the lifespan of your chain significantly by regularly cleaning it with a solvent degreaser and applying a thin coat of lubricant.

Too much lubricant, however, will attract grime which may later jam the chain mechanism.

Warning: Solvent degreaser can be harmful to both your health, and the environment.

We recommend using citrus-based solvents to minimise their harmful effects.

Enjoy your ride!.


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