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Flat Tire: Knot in your Inner Tube

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Ever got a flat tire but had no inner tube or patches to fix it? Check out our video!

This video is for any bike user who wants to know quick, cheap and resourceful techniques for fixing a flat tyre without any spare parts to hand

Discover this emergency technique to fix a flat by tying a knot in your inner tube

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This video will teach you how to fix a tyre puncture by tying a knot in your inner tube.

It's a surprisingly effective technique to get you home in an emergency if you don't have a spare tube or puncture repair kit, however, it is recommended that you replace the inner tube as soon as you can.

The key steps are, removing the inner tube, locating the puncture, tying the knot, replace the inner tube.

You will need a pump, tyre levers are also recommended.

Start by removing the punctured wheel, and then removing the punctured inner tube from the tyre.

For more details on how to carry out these steps, refer to our videos : "Puncture Repair: How to Remove Front or Rear Wheel of a Bike" and "Puncture Repair: Patch Up a Punctured Bike Tyre".

Next, locate the puncture, marking it with a pen or chalk will make it easier to find later.

Pinch the tube tightly on either side of the punctured area leaving as little margin as possible.

Tie a knot in the inner tube isolating the punctured area.

Make sure the knot is tight This will ensure that as little air as possible can escape, and will give you more slack when you come to replacing your inner tube.

Pump the inner tube slightly to check that no air escapes.

Once you're satisfied that the knot is airtight.

Replace the inner tube and tyre.

since the knot has made the inner tube smaller, this may take some force! Using a tyre lever could help you.

With the tube and tyre back in place, massage the knotted inner tube slightly to settle it and to avoid a pinch puncture against the rim of the wheel.

Pump your tyre back up to a safe pressure - lower than the one normally recommended and replace.

This is an emergency technique to get you home when you don't have a repair kit or spare tube.

Ride with caution and replace or repair your tube as soon as you can.

Enjoy your ride!.


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