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Flat Tire: Change the Inner Tube

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Got a puncture or flat? Learn how to replace your inner tube with a new one!

This video is for regular bike users who want to be prepared for punctures and flat tires when out riding.

Flat tires can happen to all cyclists. Be prepared to deal with a flat tire by learning how to replace your inner tube. We recommend that you always carry a spare inner tube with you - esepcially on longer rides.

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In this video, you will learn how to repair a tyre puncture by replacing your inner tube.

The key steps are: removing the tyre, removing the old inner tube, replacing the tube and re-fitting the tyre.

You will need, an inner tube with a size and valve type suited to your bike, plastic tyre levers and a pump.

Make sure that your inner tube is the correct size.

This information can normally be found moulded onto the sidewall of the tyre.

Remove the wheel - note that you may need a spanner for this.

To learn how to remove your front or rear wheel, refer to our video: "How to Remove a Bike Wheel".

If there's any air remaining, fully deflate the tyre - bike levers can help.

At the side directly opposite the valve, wedge a tyre lever under the bead of the tyre.

Pull down and hook it to a spoke.

Count around 5 spokes down and insert another tyre lever.

Pull down so that the section of tyre pops out.

Slide the second tyre lever around the wheel so that the tyre is fully released on one side of the wheel.

Remove the inner tube you wish to replace and keep to one side - it can be patched up later.

" See the video: Puncture Repair: PATCH UP A PUNCTURED BIKE WHEEL".

Note that some inner tubes will have a locking nut around the valve you will need to unscrew.

Carefully give the inside of your tyre a quick check to see if the object which cause the puncture is still there.

Remove it carefully.

Take your new tube and Partially inflate it to avoid any pinching punctures.

Remove the dust cap and Insert the new inner tube starting at the hole for the valve feeding it around the rim of the wheel.

Fasten the locking nut if there is one.

Tuck the inner tube beneath the tyre.

Fit the tyre back onto the wheel by pushing the bead in simultaneously on either side using your thumbs.

Inflate to the recommended tyre pressure and replace the dust cap.

See our video on how to properly inflate your tyres for more on this.

You know now how to replace an inner tube.

Enjoy your ride!.


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