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How to Patch a Tire

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Here's a resourceful way of fixing a slashed outer tire when out riding.

This video is for anyone who wants to learn about S.O.S bike repair techniques which require little or no tools or materials. It is especially useful for MTB cyclists, where slashed outer tires are a regular problem

Known as "patching" or "booting," this technique is a great way to repair a ripped or slash bike outer tire when out on the trail. Remember to ride with extra caution when cycling on a slashed outer tire.

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This video will teach you how to patch up a slashed outer tyre, otherwise known as "booting" a tyre.

It's a resourceful method of using everyday items to patch up an outer tyre which has been slashed by a sharp object like broken glass.

A slashed tyre will normally also mean a punctured inner tube .

To learn how to repair a punctured inner tube, see our video: "Puncture Repair: Roadside Bike Wheel Patch-Up.

" The key steps are, locating the gash, preparing the patch, fitting the patch, replacing the tyre.

You will need: some tear-proof material like duct tape for the patch, some tyre levers, a pump and possibly dental floss and a needle.

Locate the gash.

Deflate and Remove the tyre from the bike wheel.

See the video: "Puncture Repair: How to Remove Front or Rear Wheel of a Bike" to learn how to do this.

Prepare the patch.

The patch is simply a thin layer of tear-resistant material which you will place in-between the tyre and the inner tube.

A good idea is to keep some duct tape wrapped around your pump.

It prevents the inner tube from popping out of the tyre upon inflation, as this can be very dangerous.

If you're out on a ride and don't have any duct tape, use whatever you can find around you: food wrappers, litter, leaves, even banknotes are all items you could use for a patch.

Whatever it may be, fold the patch and place it inside the tyre so that it covers the gash.

The inflated inner tube will hold it in place.

But Make sure that the patch does not obstruct the tyre bead which hooks onto the wheel rim.

If the gash is very large, you may need to stitch it up using a needle and some dental floss as thread - Two very useful items.

For more on the essential items you can take with you on a ride for emergency repairs, see the video: How to Prepare an Emergency Toolkit.

Give the wheel a visual check to make sure that the patch has held.

Replace the wheel and inflate the tyre.

Note that is a temporary repair - the tyre should be replaced as soon as you can.

You now know how to patch up a slashed tyre.

Enjoy your ride!.


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