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How to Fix a Bent Wheel Rim

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Learn a simple but effective way of straightening out a bent bike wheel.

This video is for anyone who wants to learn about emergency bike repair tips which don't require any tools. It is especially useful for MTB cyclists, where bent wheels can easily arise after falls or crashes.

A bent rim could be the difference between a short ride and a very long walk home. Fix bent wheel rims with the techniques outlined in this video. Always ride with extra caution once riding on a bent wheel rim.

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In this video, we will learn how to fix a bent wheel when out on a ride without the appropriate tools.

Bent wheel rims, sometimes called pretzeled, tacoed or buckled wheels, don't have to put an end to your ride altogether, but you will have to replace the wheel as soon as you can.

The key steps are, locating the bed, straightening out the bend, and testing the wheel.

Remove the bent wheel.

Refer to our video: "Puncture Repair: How to Remove Front or Rear Wheel of a Bike" to learn how to do so.

If the bend is not too obvious, hold the wheel axle and turn it to help you locate the bent area.

Find a suitable lever to bend the rim in the opposite direction.

This could be by wedging the wheel between two trees.

Or use a rock and your body weight to bend the wheel back in the opposite direction.

Here's another tip: Holding the wheel firmly in the both hands, hit the bent area of the rim against a solid surface.

You'll need some brute force here! Hold the wheel at the axle and spin it to check that it spins as straight as possible.

Note that you may have to loosen or disengage your brakes so that the wheel can spin freely so ride with caution!

See our video on how to adjust your brakes for more on this.

You know how to straighten a bent wheel out on the trail.

Enjoy your ride!.


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