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Why Insulate your Home?

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In this video, discover the benefits of insulating your home for increasing its energy efficiency and reducing your heating bills.

Check out our full program for simple, comprehensive tutorials taking you through the process of insulating your home.

Watch this short video to discover why insulating your home properly is a good long-term investment for reducing the heat that escapes from your house, saving your energy consumption and lowering your heating bills.

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In this video you will discover why it is important to insulate your home properly.

Insulating your home is useful for four reasons which we will explore here.

Firstly: Reducing your energy bills

Heat escapes from a poorly insulated building at the following approximate rates:

30% through the loft and the roof: this is the priority when it comes to insulation;

25% through the walls;

15% through the windows;

10% through the floors;

and 20% through leaks and openings allowing the air to circulate.

Looking beyond these figures, it's also your money which is escaping through the windows.

Insulating your home properly will mean you can reduce your energy bills.

If you don't have the funds to make this type of investment, look into the financial support available in your country.

Secondly: Improving your comfort

In Winter, good insulation will help you to maintain a stable temperature in a room and will stop you from feeling cold nearer the walls.

Well installed insulation will also prevent air infiltration which causes draughts.

In Summer, good insulation will protect you from the outside heat and will maintain a comfortable air temperature inside.

Good thermal insulation can also prevent the need for installing a high-energy consuming air conditioning system.

It's also worth remembering that whatever the season, insulating your home also blocks out outside noise.

Thirdly: protecting the environment

Thermal insulation allows you to reduce your energy consumption and the CO2 emissions from your heating or air conditioning system.

This means preserving the planet's natural resources and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Fourthly: Increasing the value of your property

These days, a building's energy performance is an important criterion when buying or renting a property.

By insulating your home, you will therefore increase its value and appeal.

Now you know why it's a good idea to ensure your home is well insulated.


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