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Eco-Tips: Audio and Video

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In this video, you will learn how to avoid wasting energy through your audio and video devices and appliances.

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Audio and video appliances can use a lot of energy without us realising, even when we're not using them. Discover some simple steps for avoiding this by watching this short video.

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Using audiovisual equipment forms a significant proportion of household electricity consumption.

Here are some hints for avoiding unnecessary electricity expenditure.

First up: avoid leaving devices and appliances in sleep mode

The biggest source of energy loss is leaving your devices and appliances on standby.

Needless time on standby amounts to around £75 per household per year.

Even if you think you've turned off your TV or Hi-Fi system, they will continue to consume energy while they stay plugged in.

This wasted energy powers things such as LEDs which remain lit as well as internal clocks.

There is a simple and cheap solution to this problem - a multiplug adapter with a switch.

As well as letting you power multiple devices from a single power outlet, using a multiplug adaptor means you can easily manage your devices' energy consumption when they're on standby.

All you need to do is flick the switch to cut of the power supply.

Even if the multiplug adaptor is plugged in, it won't consume energy while it's switched off.

If you can't get into the habit of turning your appliances off when you're no longer using them, you can also use energy timers.

These timers let you specify in advance when you want your multiplug adaptor to be switched on.

You could, for example, set the timer to switch off the adaptor at night or while you're not at home.

To learn how to use an energy timer, take a look at our video "How to use a timer".

Secondly: unplugging chargers.

Testing with a wattmeter will show that your phone and laptop chargers can consume energy even when you're not charging any devices.

It's therefore a good idea to completely unplug your chargers when you're finished with them.

To learn how to use a wattmeter, check out out video "How to use a wattmeter".

Now you know several ways of saving energy and reducing your electricity bills.


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