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The Consequences of Fuel Poverty

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In this video, Alexandra Collin explains the consequences of fuel poverty on your expenditure, lifestyle, wellbeing and health.

For more information on fuel poverty and how you can take steps to lower your energy bills, take a look at the other videos, offering practical advice and tips that you can implement simply in your own life.

As a fuel poverty energy advisor for Energies Solidaires, Alexandra Collin is an expert in her field. In this video, she takes us through the effect fuel poverty can have on the lives of individuals so that you can recognise the signs for yourself. These videos are designed to raise awareness of Fuel Poverty and start conversations so that together we can find solutions.

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The consequences for your health

Alexandra Collin

Fuel Poverty Energy Advisor

When it comes to the impact on your health, there are actually quite a few different consequences.

If you no longer have heating, you no longer have the means to staying warm in your own home, this can cause damage to the building; notably problems with humidity and mould which impact your health.

The negative impact of this can include respiratory problems such as asthma.

There's also the danger of not keeping yourself warm, I think there are lots of elderly people who don't necessarily survive when the temperature drops.

When it's -5°C outside and you have no heating, when your home isn't properly insulated, it's difficult to survive those temperatures

The consequences for your social life

As for the social consequences, I think there's really a growing sense of isolation.

People living in these conditions won't necessarily want to invite people over.

It's the kind of accommodation that you don't want to show others because you yourself aren't necessarily comfortable there.

So you're not inclined to welcome other people into such an environment.

And I think that this can really nurture a sense of isolation.

It's just the same when it comes to work.

If your home is in bad condition, where there's no heating, you won't sleep well.

So working becomes difficult.

There really are lots of knock-on effects.


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