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How Can I Get out of Fuel Poverty?

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In this video, Alexandra Collin takes us through some helpful steps and practices to get out of fuel poverty.

If you have more questions about fuel poverty, take a look at the rest of our series, where you'll find more information about fuel poverty and practical advice for lowering your energy bills.

As a fuel poverty energy advisor at Energies Solidaires, Alexandra Collin gives us her advice on what we can do if we find ourselves in a situation of fuel poverty. This video is designed to raise awareness and start conversations about the very real problem of fuel poverty, which currently affects as many as 1 in 4 people in the UK.

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Alexandra Collin

Fuel Poverty Energy Advisor

It's a very large solution but I think there are several different steps

That said, it's tricky as when we talk about households in fuel poverty, more often than not, there are other considerations other than those that are energy-related to take into account.

But if we focus on solving the energy problems specifically, there certain practices once can adopt.

Putting in place what we call eco-tips

This means that when you're at home, you develop certain reflexes, such as turning out the lights when you leave a room.

Turning off all your electric equipment at night by plugging them into a multiplug adaptor with a switch.

Keep an eye on the temperature at home with a thermometer.

First of all, you should aim for restraint.

That is to take a restrained approach to your energy consumption.

Then later on you can start considering efficiency.

This means taking working on the building and making changes to improve its energy performance.

After that, the third step is to start using renewable energy sources.

But it goes without saying that for a household in fuel poverty, considering renewable energy isn't likely to be a priority, or at least, that won't be the solution to the problem.

But there you go, it's a whole process with a logic to adopt

And no matter how much work you do to a building to make it perform better from a thermal point of view, if you don't adopt these good practices as well, you'll still be consuming just as much, because from a behavioral point of view, you won't have acquired these reflexes.

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