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Origami tie

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Maija Wallace - Sikana
Maija Wallace
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Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.

Open and fold this point onto the centre line like this

This line must be as parallel as possible to the centre line

Repeat for the other side

Now fold this outer edge on the centre line

Prevent it from slipping by holding it firmly

Once they're properly aligned, make the crease

Repeat for the other side

Then fold this point down to here, like this, as if to close it

You can start to see its taking on the shape of a tie

Flip the tie and fold like this. It shouldn't be square, but a little smaller.

Then fold upwards but not all the way, about the length of a finger

Make sure the sides are correct

Behind, you have this shape

Now make a diagonal crease

Start folding at about this level, but not on the point

It shouldn't touch the centre line on this side either

Repeat for the other side

Recreate a point on this side

To do this, open this point and fold the middle inward like this.

To finish up, do the same thing for the other side.


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