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Origami snake

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Maija Wallace - Sikana
Maija Wallace
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Take a square sheet of paper

and fold it in half diagonally.

Then fold this part back on the crease you just made.

Repeat for the other side.

Then fold this part to the center line like this.

Make sure to remain aligned with the crease, since that'll be important later.

Make sure the crease is neat.

Repeat for the other side.

Then fold the remaining corner onto this side.

Follow the edge neatly.

Repeat for the other side.

Now for the most complicated fold of this piece.

Bring both of the side points together on the center line, like so.

Then fold the pocket in on itself to create the head.

Lift the right side of the head.

Then fold the end towards the center line.

Put the right part of the head back in place, and repeat for the other side.

You should have this shape.

Fold the lower part of the head towards the upper end to make the mouth.

Then lift the left side of the head and fold the ends inward like this.

Close it and do the same thing for the other side.

Fold the whole thing in half.

Then fold it like this while making sure the end remains pointy.

The crease is not fully aligned with the bottom line.

Fold the other side in the same direction, starting your fold at the intersection of the head, like this.

Once you have this shape, reopen the left part of the head to give its shape back.

Then fold the head from the bottom.

Open the mouth like this.

Make a fold backwards here.

Then make smaller and smaller folds to finish your origami snake.


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