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Origami: giant swan

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Take a normal sheet of paper and fold it in half.

Cut it in half, like this, or with a pair of scissors.

Fold the paper in half again, and then cut along this fold.

Repeat this step twice more.

All of the pieces for this origami should be the same.

That is, 1/6th the size of the original sheet of paper.

To make this origami, you will need about 27 sheets of paper...

for a total of 425 pieces of paper.

Each piece of paper should be folded the exact same way.

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half, first widthwise and then lengthwise.

Open the last fold and fold this edge downward along the center line.

Repeat on the other side.

Fold this small corner onto the line, and then fold this entire part down over the triangle.

Do the same on the other side.

Then fold it all in half.

Now, you have to make many more of these to complete

your origami.

The number of papers you use will depend on the size you want your swan to be.

Here, we’re using 425.

Take one of the folded pieces of paper. You can see that there are two openings.

To make your swan, you need to insert the tips of the triangles into the openings.

To begin, hold two papers side-by-side, and then insert a third paper into the openings, like this.

This way, the third triangle will hold the other two together.

Take another triangle and hold it next to the others.

Use yet another triangle to link the papers together. Keep going like this, and make sure to always insert the triangles in the right direction.

Continue adding triangles until you have 30 to 40 pieces of paper linked together. This will make your first circle.

Here, the first and second circles are each made of 36 paper triangles.

Link both sides to make a circle.

Once they’re linked, you have the base of the origami.

Now, you need to add 4 more circles above the first two, using the same number of triangles every time.

Here is the 4th level.

Here is the 5th level.

And this one is going to be the last circle.

Now, shape the circle so it looks like this.

Press gently, so as not to damage the structure of your swan.

Now let’s move on to the swan’s tail. For this, we'll need 15 pieces of paper, which we will link together like so.

Then, link these 15 pieces using 14 more triangles.

Keep going, using one less triangle each time, until you get down to only one triangle at the end. It should look like a pyramid.

You should get this shape.

Once it’s complete, you can begin the head.

Count how many pieces you’ll need to connect both sides of the tail, and use the same number of pieces on each side.

Here, we need 11 pieces to make the first circle for the head, which means that we need to leave a space of 6 pieces on each side.

So create the first line using 11 pieces of paper.

Make a second one using only 10, and so on, until you finish with a single piece of paper (like we did for the tail).

Mold it like this, with your hands, in order to get this shape.

To build the neck and head, take 22 pieces of paper

and stick one into another, like this.

Alternate between the right and left sides.

Once the neck is done, add it to the body, like this.

For the beak, we’ll use red paper.

This last piece of paper will hold the other two triangles together and complete the origami.

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