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Origami rabbit

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Today you can try your hand at another cute animal origami with this long-eared rabbit. It's an easter favorite and will be a great addition to your origami zoo/farm (depending how exotic you want to go). This step-by-step tutorial will provide you with a foolproof method for folding the perfect origami bunny. Choose paper with a nice contrast to make the ears pop. Good luck and happy folding!

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Maija Wallace
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For this origami, it is best to use paper with a different color on each side.

If you have 2 different sides, place the colored side facing you and fold it in half diagonally.

Then make a crease along the center line on both sides.

Fold the bottom point, like this.

To make the rabbit's tail, fold it back, parallel to the previous fold, so that the tip sticks out a bit.

Then, flip the sheet over and fold the upper point down along the center line.

Fold the whole thing in half to get this shape.

Make the following creases like this: slightly fold this part while maintaining a point at the top. Repeat for the other side.

These 2 creases will help lift this part, which will form the ears.

This origami is unique because, as you can see here, the ears are stuck together.

Use a pair of scissors to cut it down the middle.

Once they’ve been cut, fold the ears like so.

Then open the ears like this.

Your origami rabbit is done!


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