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How to make an origami crane

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Fold a square sheet of paper in half diagonally. Be as precise as possible.

Unfold the paper. Then fold it in half lengthwise.

Open it and fold it in half in the other direction.

Now you should have a cross and a diagonal line.

The next fold is more complicated.

Take your paper like this.

This part should be here. Fold.

Do the same thing on the other side.

Now, fold the side inwards towards the center line.

Do this on all 4 sides, so you get a diamond shape.

Now for the most complicated fold.

Unfold the last four folds so you have a square.

Open the square and tuck the sides in, like this. Then fold the paper back down.

Do the same thing for the other side.

Once again you should have a diamond shape.

Pull the sides upwards, and you'll have 2 legs.

Now take this side and fold it towards the centre.

Do the same thing for the 3 remaining sides.

You should now have this shape.

Now we just need to make the head and tail.

Turn a quarter and the open the centre. Fold the leg upwards. Then close the paper back up.

Do the same thing on the other side.

To make the head and tail, pull a little on both sides.

Make a crease for the head.

To make the crane stand upright, make a couple of creases at the base.

Now all you have left to do is fold down the wings.


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