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Push Off, Switch Feet & Change Direction

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Learn how to pick up speed on a kick scooter. Then learn how to switch kicking feeting and turn in complete safety

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Remember to change over kicking feet regularly to spread the effort over both legs

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In this video, you'll discover the basic movements for getting around on a scooter.

We're going to see how to push off, gain speed and switch kicking feet.

Firstly, push off.

Place your hands on the handlebars. Your arms should be slightly bent. Place your standing foot on the deck, with your leg slightly bent.

Start moving by pushing off the ground with your other leg.

Once moving, put your kicking foot at the back of the deck, near the back wheel brake, to be ready to stop.

Secondly, picking up speed.

To build up speed, bend your standing leg.

Put the front of your kicking foot on the ground, slightly in front of your supporting leg, and thrust.

Repeat one or two times and let yourself cruise before starting the movementagain.

If needed, increase the frequency and strength of your foot strokes.

When going uphill, lean forwards and make your foot strokes faster, shorter and slightly more in line with your standing foot on the deck.

When going downhill, rest your foot on the brake and lean backwards slightly

Thirdly, switching feet.

To spread the effort over both of your, you can switch them over and learn to push off with both sides.

You can change legs while stationery, or when moving, by placing both feet side by side at the front of the deck.

Now it's your turn!


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