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How to Brake

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Learn how to brake effectively relative to the situation when using a kick scooter

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You can brake with either back wheel brake or pressing your foot flat on the ground to emergency brake. Practice both to learn how to stop both immediately and gradually

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In this video, you'll learn how to brake on a scooter.

Here are three steps to master so that you can adapt to any situation: adopting the correct posture, controlling your speed and braking on unstable ground

Firstly, adopting the correct posture

When riding on flat ground with your feet on the deck, always keep one foot behind near the brake, so that you can access it easily should you need to stop quickly

If you're scooting and want to stop suddenly, use the foot in contact with the ground. Put it down flat and press hard to brake.

When descending hills, always keep one foot covering the brake, and shift your weight towards the back of the deck.

Finally, check your back weel regularly. Braking too often can lead to premature wear and tear

The wheel can become flat and alter the smoothness of your ride or your braking

Secondly, controlling your speed.

While you are rolling, be attentive to your environment. Observe the road well especially pedestrians, cars, and any obstacles.

Ride at a moderate speed rather than accelerating and braking abruptly

In addition, learn to brake gradually, and avoid pressing down sharply to avoid skidding or falling

Thirdly, braking on unstable ground.

On gravel or wet and dusty surfaces, the brake can't function properly

For the most effective braking, reduce your speed beforehand and anticipate your stop well.

Then, brake by placing a foot flat on the ground and gradually pushing down harder until you come to a stop.

Learn how to brake in all types of situations to scoot with ease.

Over to you!


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