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Get Over the Pavement

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Learn how to get over the pavement in our free video on urban kick scooter

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Getting up or down the sidewalk is the most common obstacle you're likely to face when scooting around towns and cities. Learn how to do it safely!

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In this video, you will learn to cross the sidewalk on your scooter.

First, we will learn how to ascend, and descend the kerb.

First, ascending the kerb.

When you need to ascend a kerb while scooting, try to aim for where the kerb is at its lowest point for an easier ascent

Be careful not to approach the kerb at an angle as you risk skidding

Just before ascending the kerb, keep a consistent speed and place a foot on the ground. Press it down lightly and simultaneously pull the handlebars upwards to lift the scooter off the ground

Hold your handlebars firmly to hold the front wheel straight while in the air and when placing it back on the ground.

To finish, bring the back wheel over the kerb too

If you are more advanced, you can also do this without placing your foot on the ground.

Maintain sufficient speed, pull the handlebars upwards, keeping the front wheel straight as it comes off the ground

Secondly, descending a kerb.

Before descending, observe the route you are going to take to ensure that it is safe.

If the pavement is sufficiently low, hold your speed, grasp the handlebars firmly and descend keeping both feet on the deck.

If not, during the moment you will descend, lightly pull upward on the handlebars to lift the front wheel, and keep the scooter as parallel to the ground as possible.

Finally, let the back wheel roll over the kerb, holding the handlebars firmly, while the wheel returns to the ground.

The pavement is the most common obstacle when travelling on your scooter, so practise a lot to ride with ease!

Over to you!


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