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Setting Up Your Scooter

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Learn how to set up your scooter: unfold it and adjust it to your height and preferred body position

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Kick Scooting is a fun way to get around towns and cities

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In this video, you will learn to set up your scooter.

To set upyour scooter, follow these 3 steps: unfold the scooter, adjust the handlebars, and check the steering system and the wheels.

First, unfolding the scooter.

Release the lever on the front left side of the deck.

With one hand, push down on the clamp of the folding system, on the right side of the deck, and lift the handlebars at the same time with the other hand.

Lock the first lever again to secure the handlebars.

Second, adjusting the handlebars.

Orient the front wheel in line with the extension of the scooter's deck.

Looking over the bars, verify that the line made by the handlebar grips is perpendicular to the line made by the wheels and deck.

If this is not the case, using a hex key, loosen the two clamp screws on the bottom of the down tube, re-center the handlebars and re-tighten the screws.

Then check that the handlebars are at the correct height.

Stand with your feet on the ground, in the middle of the deck with one foot on each side, and take hold of the handlebars.

Your arms should be slightly bent and the handlebars should be at hip-level.

If they're not, to adjust the height of the handlebars, release the head tube lever , press the spring button on the head tube, adjust the height and lock the lever again.

Third, checking the steering and the wheels.

To check the steering system, hold the scooter straight and move the head tube forwards and backwards.

If there is any looseness between the top of the handlebars and the wheel, tighten the nuts on the clamp ring

Caution, tighten moderately so as not to block the steering.

If there is any looseness between the handlebars and the deck, lock the clamping system and the screws below.

Then turn the scooter upside down to check the wheels.

Hold the scooter in place and try to move each wheel from side to side

If a wheel moves too much, re-tighten the screws situated on both sides of the centre using the hex key.

Your scooter is now ready to ride.

Over to you!


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