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Traffic Safety

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Learn some best practices to keep yourself and others safe when using your kick scooter

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People on scooters are legally classed as pedestrians so respect the laws of the road as well as your fellow citizens and scoot safely!

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In this video you are going to find some advice on how to get around safely on a scooter

When on your scooter, be aware that you are legally a pedestrian: so respect the rules, use common sense, and be prudent.

Don't ride with excessive speed, and always be ready to brake.

Don't slalom between people or force them to move.

respect traffic lights and use pedestrian crossings when you cross the road.

If you briefly look left or right while rolling, be careful to keep your front wheel straight to avoid falling or colliding with a pedestrian.

In general, while scooting, always be aware and learn to anticipate.

Observe your environment attentively: the quality of the ground, potential obstacles and the movement of people and cars around you.

Then adapt your behaviour accordingly.

Finally, if you have to go on the road, use cycle paths and respect the rules of the road

Over to you!

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