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Learn to Ride a Bike as an Adult: Introduction

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In this video you will be introduced to our program on teaching an adult how to ride a bike.

It's the first video in a program all about adult cycling. Find the others for free on our website

It's never too late to learn to ride a bike. Follow our program step-by-step and you'll be cycling in no time!

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In this video you will learn about the different steps to learn to ride a bicycle as an adult The program has been divided in 4 key steps: scooting, balancing, pedalling and exercises.

Across all of these four steps it is key that the rider knows how and when to use their brakes, since braking is a fundamental, and potentially life-saving part of cycling.

For more on braking, see the video: How to Brake Efficiently.

The videos serve as a step-by-step guide to teach and learn the basics of cycling.

Here's a quick look at the different steps.

You can check out the respective videos for all the detailed breakdown of the steps.

Step 1.


This video teaches you how to walk and then move forward by pushing off the ground.

It helps you get a sense of steering and stopping.

Step 2.


This video teaches you how to coast with both legs off the ground and also how to turn.

Step 3.


This video teaches you how to pedal, steer and balance.

When you are able to cycle confidently without any assistance, check out the next video.

Step 4.


This video teaches you a few exercises to master turning by doing a few simple exercises before you hit the road and manage biking through the traffic.

Teaching an adult to ride a bike is a rewarding experience pleasure for both, the student and the teacher.

Keep it fun and enjoy your ride.


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