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Balance: Learn to Ride a Bike as an Adult

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In this video, you will learn how to get an adult to find their balance when sat on a bicycle.

Be sure to move onto the third video once your comfortable balancing. Find it and the full program here:

This video series is designed to help adults learn to ride a bike. Cycling is a great activity and is kind on the environment too - with this program we hope to get more people cycling!

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In this video you will learn to balance on a bike as an adult It is recommended that you have someone with you for support and supervision when learning to ride a bike The two key steps are: coasting and turning Step 1: Use a bike without pedals.

The saddle should be low enough that your feet can be firmly planted on the floor when seated.

Scoot a little faster than in the previous lesson, by pushing the feet off the ground.

Once comfortable doing so, lift the legs off the ground by bending the knees.

If there is a gradual slope, it will be easier to gain momentum.

Keep the legs off the ground for 5 to 10 seconds.

Look ahead, at where you want to go, and not at your feet.

Don't panic, relax.

Keep the back straight.

You needn't squeeze the hanblebars too tightly.

They should, in fact, remain mobile in your hands, with two fingers covering the brakes Step 2: Next, coast and turn to one side by gently turning the handlebars.

Keep the upper body still, avoid turning the handlebars sharply.

Place a couple of objects on the ground and aim for them one by one.

This exercise helps to steer and identify objects ahead.

You can also place cones in a line and steer between them.

If you are at ease and having fun, check out the following video on how to pedal.

Enjoy your ride! .


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