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Exercises to Learn to Ride a Bike as an Adult

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This video teaches some great learning games and exercises you can use when learning to cycle.

We hope you enjoyed our program on adult cycling. Don't hesitate to go back to previous videos to refresh your memory on all the indivudual steps

Try them out once you've put all the basics of learning to ride a bike together!

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In this video you will learn a few exercises to cycle confidently.

The four key exercises are turning, cycling in a circle, the figure of eight, and looking over your shoulder Step 1.

Once you are able to cycle straight confidently, try and turn around a marker.

Place an object to the right of the marker to identify the final destination.

Then try and cycle from one marker turning slightly until you reach another marker Step 2: Next, cycle in a circle clockwise.

After you have done four or five rounds confidently, switch and do the same going counter-clockwise.

If you've got the hang of going round, cycle in a smaller circle.

Step 3: The last exercise is the figure of eight.

Once you have mastered turning, do a figure of eight.

Step 4: Ask a friend to hold out a coloured cone behind their back.

Get them to hold one out as you cycle past them.

Look back over your shoulder and shout the name of the colour to show that you are able to look behind whilst cycling forwards.

Remind yourself of how to brake progressively and in emergencies.

Once you've mastered the exercises, you're ready to hit the road Check out or other videos on city cycling.

Enjoy your ride!.

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