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Pedal: Learn to Ride a Bike as an Adult

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This video will introduce the pedalling action to an adult. Watch the video to learn how to ride a bike!

By now you should be getting more comfortable on the bike. Move on to the last video for some great exercises putting everything you've learned together

Find the other free videos in this program to learn how to cycle as an adult.

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In this video you will learn how to pedal a bike It is recommended that you have someone with you for support and supervision when learning to ride a bike The two key steps are: coasting and riding the bike.

Step 1: Fix the pedals back on the bike if you took them off to learn how to scoot.

Squeeze the brakes and sit on the saddle.

Keep one foot on the ground and raise the pedal with the other foot to the 2 o'clock position Do not lift both feet of the ground before starting to pedal as you will tend to lose balance.

Push down with your dominant foot.

Push off with the foot on the ground Look ahead and push down hard your dominant foot.

Coast for a bit and then stop.

Repeat with the other leg.

If you have access to a slope, it will help you gain momentum and focus entirely on your balance Step 2 Next use both pedals.

You can have someone help you by supporting you if you lose balance.

But it is important that you are not helped too much by them so that you learn how to balance for yourself.

The instructor can let go little by little and check if they are able to balance, steer and pedal forward.

Count the seconds and encourage them to exceed their longest duration each time.

Practice cycling like this for twenty minutes every day until you can do it without assistance.

Check out the following video to learn some exercises to cycle confidently.

Enjoy your ride! .


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