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How to use a Supplemental Nursing System

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How to use a supplemental nursing system (SNS)
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In this video you will learn how to use a Supplemental Nursing System, commonly referred to as an SNS

Thanks to the SNS the baby can drink milk supplements through a straw while simultaneously feeding from the mother's breast.

It is ideal for a weak baby who needs milk supplements and help to latch onto the breast.

to set up a SNS it is best to be accompanied by a professional

Place the tube in the milk supplement container.

Settle the baby correctly onto the breast.

Lightly pull the breast until you see the corner of the baby's mouth

Slip the tube in the baby's mouth, aim it directly toward the rear of their mouth and palate - above the tongue.

The tube is properly inserted when the liquid flows through quickly.

For greater ease, you can fix the tube on the breast with tape.

The milk supplement container shouldn't be higher than the baby's head.

If the milk only flows when the container is placed high, It is a sign that the SNS isn't working: try to reposition the tube in the baby's mouth correctly.

Normally, use of an SNS is only temporary, as a baby's breastfeeding stimulates natural milk production in the mother. The more she will produce, the less milk supplements administered through the SNS will be needed.


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