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Breastfeed using Nipple Shields

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Learn how to breastfeed with the aid of Nipple Shields (Breast Shells)
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In this video you will learn how to use nipple shields, also called breast shells

Nipple shields can be useful for mothers whose nipples have less of a defined shape meaning babies may experience difficulty latching onto them

They are also used when the baby is weak, and gets tired trying to latch onto the breast, or when milk is not easily expressed

Sometimes they can be recommended in cases of nipple cracks, but should only be considered as a very temporary solution while tackling the cause of the problem

To fit the nipple shield: express a bit of milk and apply to the shield

The smell of the milk will cover that of the plastic's, to encourage the baby to try and latch onto the nipple shield.

Moisten the edge in contact with the breast to facilitate sticking

Make sure the nipple is well centered.

A baby that suckles efficiently must have the mouth wide open, covering most of the areola, the dark part of the breast.

The risk with nipple shields is a reduction in the production of milk ., so they should only to be used temporarily.

To this end: Try breastfeeding your baby without the nipple shield as soon as possible.

You can for instance, use the nipple shield once every two nursing sessions, or use it on only one breast at each session.

If you have flat nipples know that you can use the nipple shield just for starting the nursing session.

Once the nipple more is more supple and extended, try taking it off to teach the baby to latch onto the breast without anything on it.


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