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Breastfeeding in madonna hold

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How to Breastfeed in the "Madonna Hold" Position
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In this video you will learn how to breastfeed in the "Madonna Hold" position (or Cradle Hold)

It is the most common breastfeeding position.

However, if your baby still needs to be guided, we recommend you to start with the Reversed Madonna Hold (or Reversed Cradle Hold")

It is the same position, the only difference is the arm holding the baby.

For the classical "Madonna Hold" position, sit comfortably and put a pillow behind your back.

Raise your feet.

You must be relaxed, without any muscular tension.

Take your child with the arm, on the side of the breast you are feeding the baby with.

This arm is supported by a cushion.

The baby's head must rest on your forearm or the inside of your elbow

rest the baby against you, belly to belly while holding them with your forearm.

The baby's nose must be at the height of the nipples.

Make sure the baby doesn't have to turn their head to latch onto the nipple.

it isn't pleasant to drink with a twisted neck.

Make sure the baby's ear, shoulder and hip are well aligned.

Tickle the baby's upper lip with the nipple.

When they open their mouth wide, get the baby close to your breast.

Do not lean towards the baby but bring their head closer by pushing on their back. This will avoid getting into an uncomfortable position.

Do not push on their head because it is sensitive, and instinct will drive the baby away from the breast instead of toward it.

If the baby seems to have trouble breathing, do not push on the nipple with your fingers you might obstruct a milk duct.

Try to bring the baby closer by holding their bottom against you.

The angle will then change, and free their nose.


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