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In this video you will learn how to bottle feed your baby.

The bottle can be used to give artificial milk or expressed breast milk.

Be careful - if you alternate between breast and bottle feeding your baby will have to use two different swallowing techniques.

When breastfeeding, the baby swallows the milk when their tongue is stretched forward.

It is the opposite when bottle feeding. So to avoid confusing your child,it is preferable to use a cup rather than a bottle.

To give a bottle: hold your baby in a semi-sitting position.

Stroke the baby's lips with the teat to encourage them to open their mouth wide, and place the whole teat into their mouth.

The teat should take up as much of the baby's mouth as possible

Make sure that the bottle is held at enough of an angle, so that there is no air in the teat.

One meal should take around 20 minutes.

If your child drinks much more quickly than this, try a slower teat, or vice versa.

With bottle feeding, the child has a greater chance of swallowing some air. Therefore, once the bottle is finished; sit the baby up, lean them slightly forward and tap them gently on the back to encourage the baby to burp.

This can also be useful in the middle of a feed if you feel that your baby might be bothered by a trapped air bubble.


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