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Feeding a baby with a cup of milk

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How to feed a baby with a cup of breast milk
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In this video you are going to learn how to feed a baby with a cup.

It is the best way to feed the newborns that are still too weak to be breastfed.

The cup allows them to slowly learn to make the same movement they will have to do with their tongue when breastfeeding.

To give milk with a cup: start by pouring a small quantity of milk in a cup

you will fill it up several times.

Place your baby in a semi-vertical position.

lightly tilt the cup to bring the milk close to the baby's lips.

Be careful: Don't pour the milk in their mouth. The baby must drink the milk by using his tongue, like a cat.

Prefer the cup to the bottle if you have to give nutritional supplements to a baby that doesn't get enough milk from breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, the baby swallows the milk with their tongue stretched forward.

With a bottle it's the opposite. So to avoid confusing the infant give him milk with a cup instead of a bottle.


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