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Pedal: How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

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This video will introduce the pedalling action to a child. It's the last step towards becoming a competent bike rider.

This program is nearly complete! For the final video which uses some excellent training tips and drills, just click:

Once your child is able to master pedalling, they will have learned how to cycle. Make sure they wear the appropriate safety gear when learning to ride a bicycle.

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In this video you will learn how to teach a child to pedal.

Fix the pedals on the bike.

Tighten them well with a spanner.

The three key steps are pedalling, braking Step 1: The child should be seated on the bike with one pedal up.

Hold the handlebar with one hand and support the back of the child with the other.

Ask the child to push the pedal down and move forward slowly.

Take the hand off the handlebars and the back one by one once the child is confident.

Step 2.

Ask th child to start pedalling while you support him on the back.

Let go as he gains some momentum.

Clap your hands after a few seconds to give the child the signal to brake with both hands.

Step 3.

Starting to pedal without any support requires practice and confidence.

Ask the child to raise one pedal up with the foot and place it on top.

The child should not look down at his foot.

Ask them to straighten the back and look straight ahead.

They should push down on the pedal and move forward.

The back leg should push off the ground to facilitate the starting.

Check out the following video to learn some exercises to bike confidently.

Enjoy your ride! .


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