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Balance: How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

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In this video, you will learn how to get a child to find their balance when sat on a bicycle.

Balance bikes are useful although you can simply remove the pedals from a bike for this.

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In this video you will teach a child how to maintain balance whilst on a bike.

The two key steps are coasting and turning Step 1: Tell the child to scoot faster than in the initial lesson.

Once they are comfortable doing so, ask them to lift their legs off the ground by bending their knees.

It is important to tell them sit straight and look ahead, at where they want to go, and not at their feet.

Next place a couple of sets of two cones three metres away in length and a metre and half apart in width.

Ask the child to scoot and lift their legs off the ground as soon as they reach the first set of cones and coast until the second set of cones.

Reduce the widtth and increase the length between the cones.

Ask the child to repeat the exercise.

Always encourage them and make sure they're having fun.

Step 2.

Next teach the child how to turn by placing the second set of cones a little to the left.

Ask them to scoot and coast between the cones.

You could also place a third set of cones to and ask the child to coast and turn to the left and then to the right.

This exercise will help them get a sense of balance when they turn on both sides.

Once the child is at ease, check out the following video to learn how to pedal.

Enjoy your ride! .


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