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Exercises: How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

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This video teaches some great learning games and exercises you can play with a child when learning to cycle.

These are for teaching a child how to put together the previous steps on learning how to ride a bike.

The exercises put together all of the techniques shown in the previous videos on teaching a child how to ride a bike. Be sure to go back and check them out for the full program on teaching a kid to cycle.

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In this video you will learn how to teach a child to do a few exercises in order to ride a bike confidently.

Exercise 1.

Place sets of two cones, creating gates of different colours as shown.

The order of the colours is not important, the idea is just to alternate the colours between two gates.

Ask the child to start pedalling.

Call out a colour as soon as the child has passed the first gate.

The child should go through the next gate corresponding to the colour called out.

It will train the child to react quickly and learn to steer to the left and the right.

Exercise 2.

Place cones of different colours on the ground.

Keep some cones with yourself.

Ask the child to cycle around.

Pull out from behind your back a cone and call out the colour.

The child should find a cone of that colour and cycle toward it and brake just a little ahead.

Pick the cone and reapeat the exercise until the child has stopped in front of all the cones.

This exercise helps steer and brake at a short notice.

Exercise 3.

Place flat cones on the ground.

Ask the child to cycle around and call out a colour.

The child shoud ride over a cone of the colour called out.

Pick the cone up and reapeat the exercise.

This exercise helps develop a sense of direction and steering the bike to a precise location.

Check out the videos on road safety before hitting the road.

Enjoy your ride .

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