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Scoot: How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

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In this video you'll learn how to help a child begin scooting on their bike. It's an important first step.

We will not be using stabilisers or training wheels in this program to help the child get a feel for the balance of a bike on their own. Let's scoot!

Scooting gives the child a feel for the balance of the bike as they first start out cycling.

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In this video you will learn how to teach a child to scoot.

The three key steps are: the preparation, choosing the right location and getting the child started Step 1.

Fit a helmet onto the child and make sure that it covers the forehead and it is comfotably strapped.

Check that the shoelaces are tied up or the hook and loop is fastened securely.

Step 2: Pick a place that is flat, smooth and traffic-free, for example a car park or a back garden.

Step 3.

Remove the pedals of a regular bike.

Lower the seat so that the child's feet are flat on the ground.

Check that the bike rolls smoothly and that the brakes are functioning properly.

Seat them onto the bike and ask them to hold the handlebar with both hands.

Next ask them to scoot, or to move forward by pushing off the ground with both feet.

Do not hold the handlebar as it will prevent them from getting a hang of steering for themselves.

Ask them to brake from time to time and then to start moving forward again.

Check out the following video to learn how to balance.

Enjoy your ride! .


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