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Three-Team Basketball

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In this video you will learn a great basketball coaching drill you can try out with children.

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The three-team drill helps coach kids on their passing, cuts and rebounds. Don't forget to download the accompanying PDF coach's guide to help compound the kids' learning experience. The guide also gives the kids the chance to consider how they can identify and examine relevant sources of information. This coaching drill would also be great for a team coach.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
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In this video, you will learn an exercise to train players to improve their ability to get open for passes and shots, to pass to open players, to rebound, and to keep opponents from catching passes and rebound.

The aim of the game is to score against the opponent and prevent the opponent from scoring.

To set up the activity, divide players into three equal teams of 4 or more players.

During this game, the three teams play at the same time, one attacking team, one defending team and one helping team. No dribbling is allowed.

Players on the attacking team can shoot but cannot pass to one another. They can pass only to the helping team.

Players on the helping team cannot shoot or pass to one another. They can pass only to the attacking team.

Players on the defending team try to gain possession through interceptions, steals, blocked shots or rebounds.

When a basket is scored, the teams rotate from defense to offense to helping.

If the exercise is too hard, you can either allow one dribble or make players of the helping team stay within one step of the boundary lines.

After a few minutes, you can add this rule:

The players of the helping team are now allowed to set screens for the offense. The helper must shout "screen" to alert the defender and avoid collision.

To succeed, the attacking team and the helping team have to make good cuts to get the ball. The defending team should anticipate and help teammates when possible.

If you are a teacher, why not download the discussion sheet for this exercise! On it, you will find questions to help children Reflect on their learning, Connect it to what they already know, and Apply it to their lives outside of play !


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