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In this video you can learn an excellent group basketball drill to work on defence and turnovers in possession.

To discover our other group coaching exercise and to access their accompanying PDF drill sheets, head over to the free program created in collaboration with Right To Play which you can find here:

The quick change basketball training exercise requires 8 or more players. Don't forget to download and follow the accompanying the PDF drill sheet to question the children after the exercise to help them talk more openly about their feelings, and to learn how to give and receive criticism and feedback on their performance in a polite and constructive way.
This drill can be used as a team coaching exercise.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
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In this video, you will learn an exercise to train players to improve their ability to switch quickly between an offense or a defence situation, and to rotate and help teammates on defense.

The aim of this game is to score more points than the opponent.

To set up the activity, divide players into two equal teams of 4 or 5 players.

Start a game normally with a player-to-player defense.

Each time the coach shouts "Change !", the ballhandler stops and places the ball on the court.

The other team takes possession and try to score quickly.

The former ballhandler can't stay to defend the ball, they have to defend against a new player.

After a point is scored or after a violation, players pass the ball to the coach.

The coach then throws the ball to any player and play continues.

If this exercise is too hard, the coach can call "Switch". The offense keeps the ball but each defender must switch to a new check.

After a few minutes, you can make the activity more difficult.

The coach shouts "Fast-break". The ballhandler stops and places the ball on the floor. The other team must shoot within 5 seconds or give up possession.

To make it more difficult and force the players to focus, the coach can also vary the commands by shouting "Change", "Switch" and "Fast break".

To succeed, the team on offence should try and score as fast as possible, when they have an advantage on the defence. The team on defence should run back to protect their basket and communicate efficiently to get organized as quickly as possible.

If you are a teacher, why not download the discussion sheet for this exercise! On it, you will find questions to help children Reflect on their learning, Connect it to what they already know, and Apply it to their lives outside of play !


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