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Basketball Drill: Chasers

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In this video, you will learn a drill to help you use a player advantage in a fast break situation.

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This game for two teams of six players will work on game tactics for a fast break situation and will help teams practice using a player advantage to score. Use the questions on the worksheet to reflect on your game and discuss what you've learned together.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
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In this video, you will learn an exercise to train players to use a player advantage to score in a fast-break situation. You will also learn to defend against a fast-break offense that has a player advantage.

For the attacking team, the aim of the game is to use the player advantage to score. For the defending team, the aim is to stop the opponent from scoring in the fast-break situation.

To set up the drill, divide players into two equal teams of six or more players: team A and team B.

Each team lines up along the sideline at opposite ends of the center line.

Three players from team A start running an offense on their own side of court.

Two players from team B start a defense on their side of court.

Team A advances with the ball and attempts to score.

As soon as the ball crosses the center line, a third player from team B runs to the center circle and joins the defense.

At the same time, two players from team A run to their key and prepare to defend.

When team A scores or loses possession, the original three players go back to the sideline.

Now team B advances with the ball to try and score.

As soon as the ball crosses the center line, a third player from team A joins to defend and another two players from team B run to their key to prepare to defend.

If the exercise is going well, you can add an extra rule.

Now, when the attacking team loses possession, they no longer return immediately to the sidelines.

Instead, they defend as far as the center line.

If they regain possession, they can attack again.

If this exercise is too hard, here's a simplified version.

Both teams play at one basket.

After each possession, the six players go to the sidelines, and are replaced by the next three players of each team.

After five possessions, the teams switch roles.

To succeed, the attacking team should play quickly to use their advantage on the defense. The defending team should gain as much time as possible to allow their third player to join the defense.

If you are a teacher, why not download the discussion sheet for this exercise! On it, you will find questions to help children Reflect on their learning, Connect it to what they already know, and Apply it to their lives outside of play !

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