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Right To Play

Right To Play is a global organization committed to improving the lives of children and youth affected by conflict, disease and poverty, using a unique play-based approach to learning and development. With programming in over 20 countries, Right To Play transforms the lives of more than one million children each week, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Thanks to their experience and resources, we created content for coaches to teach basketball as well as cooperation and communication skills.


In this mini program, you will discover a complete package to help you organise basketball coaching sessions with young children. For each training drill, you will find a free, downloadable teacher's guide. These educational resources will help you link the basketball games with larger questions on more varied topics based around the common theme of living together and social cohesion. Right To Play International lent their expertise as well as their innovative approach to teaching by using games and play during the conception of this program. The basketball exercises presented are aimed at coaches, teachers and educators, who wish to organise sports coaching sessions with children, but they are equally suited to youth team players and can easily be integrated into training sessions by basketball coaches. There are five exercises in total and the activities are designed for groups of around eight players. Each downloadable teacher's guide PDF equips both players and coach with the tools to debate on various subjects including: empathy, self-confiedence and team spirit. The final questions developed by Right To Play's years of experience in the field, enable children to link in-game situations to moments in their everyday lives. With this pedgagoical method, basketball becomes a pretext for discussion, relection and allows the child to learn all while having fun! Over to you!

Program details

Viewing time: 12 min

Number of video(s): 5

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