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Juggling: 4, 5 or 6 balls

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One of the fundamental principles of juggling is that odd numbers of balls cross paths, while even numbers don't. So, 3 balls will cross paths. 5 balls will cross too.

It's always good to set a goal. For example, we'll toss the first 5 balls and

try to catch each of them: one, two, three, four, five

So that is the basic concept.

Now we'll learn to juggle using 4 balls.

Juggling 4 balls requires you to juggle two balls in one hand and two balls in the other.

We will still use the same motion, but instead of tossing the balls into the other hand, they stay on the same side. Here is the motion with just the right hand.

Here's another way to start.

The balls stay on the same side, without crossing into the middle, to prevent the balls from touching.

The right. And the left.

Now we do both at the same time, but not simultaneously.

You can change the pattern of the motion.

Or with both hands simultaneously.

To juggle with 6 balls, start with 3 balls in each hand. You're going to use the same motion as before, except you'll need to toss the balls a bit higher and faster.

With the left hand.

And together.


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