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How to make a compost bin from wooden pallets

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In this video, we are going to learn how to make a compost bin out of recycled pallets. Quick and easy to put together, it will let you store and compost your own organic waste in your garden

To make a compost bin, we will need:

3 wooden pallets of the same size

4 x 30mm wooden brackets

3 wooden planks (300x20x3 cm)

A saw

A Power drill/driver with screwdriver attachments

A 6mm drillbit adapted for wood

Some screws

Some square fixing brackets

Some flat brace plates

Step 1: Start by putting two pallets at right angles to each other. Fix the brackets to the top and bottom of the pallets to join them tightly together.

Screw the brackets into the wooden blocks between the deckboards of the pallet.

Step 2: Place the third pallet at right angles to the second and fix them together with the brackets in the same way.

Step 3: Screw 3 to 4 brace plates to the back of the bin to strengthen it.

We have now finished the main structure of the compost bin. Next we'll create a way to keep the bin closed as it fills up.

Step 4: Measure off the 30 millimetre rafters against the height of the new compost bin; and the wooden planks against the width of the opening in front.

Step 5: After this, cut the four rafters to this length and drill holes in the places where the screws will sit.

Step 6: Cut the planks which will close up the bin. Note that you'll need 5 to 6 planks for a 120 cm compost bin.

Step 7: Now screw the first beam onto the pallet vertically. Remember to put the screws in the pre-drilled holes so that the wood doesn't split. Fix a second beam in the same way at a distance slightly higher than the depth of the wooden plank. Do the same on the other side.

Step 8: Now all you need to do is to put your finished compost bin somewhere out of the sun, rain and wind.

When you want to start your compost pile, fill the bottom with branches of around 10 cm in thickness. Next add a few layers of organic matter, like straw or dead leaves and some more layers of nitrogen-rich material, like food waste, mown grass or Comfrey leaves. Remember to water each layer thoroughly after you've laid it!


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