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Fertilize and amend a garden bed

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In this lesson, we will show you how to manually fertilize and amend your garden bed.

Before beginning, we conducted a soil test whose results indicated which natural amendments our soil needs to promote healthy plant growth.

In this case, we need to incorporate 20 liters of compost and some alfalfa.

Start by pouring out the first third of the compost bucket while standing on one side of the bed.

Pour the second third on the other side. Once you’re finished, use the last third to fill any empty spaces.

Now, do the same with the alfalfa.

Take a handful of amendments and spread them equally, little-by-little.

Note that the amendments are light and tend to fly away if there’s a breeze, so hold your hand close to the ground to minimize the loss.

There are different types of amendments which have different colors. Use the colors to help you distribute them evenly over the entire surface.

Once you’ve finished sprinkling the compost and amendments, incorpore them into the top layer of soil.

This exposes them to the plant roots, and prevents losing them to wind erosion.

For this you can use a cultivator or a rake.

For this step, it’s not necessary to turn the soil.

Simply lift the rake and let it fall repeatedly using this motion. Do not use too much force.

Do this on each side of the plant bed.

Finish by watering the bed to allow the compost and amendments to penetrate deeper into the soil.

Your garden bed is now ready for use.


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