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How to maintain a compost pile

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Once your compost pile is complete, you will have to maintain it in order to keep the proper moisture and air levels balanced.

Pay attention to the climate and compost location.

If it’s in a sunny location, it will tend to dry out which stops the decomposition process.

In this case, make sure to water your compost regularly.

Water the sides thoroughly since they tend to dry out faster.

Cover it with a shade cloth. The cloth filters out 50% of sunlight, which will reduce evaporation.

If you notice the pile giving off a strong smell or the appearance of white mold, the compost is anaerobic. That means it contains too much moisture and not enough ventilation.

To fix this problem, start by ventilating the compost with a fork. This will reintroduce air and allow the pile to breathe.

If your climate is humid, cover it with plastic. This way, it will be better protected from the elements.

Healthy compost piles require little maintenance. Regular watering will maintain the decomposition process.

Observe your compost pile’s appearance and texture. This will help you determine what it needs to thrive.

Over time, both your skills and finished compost will improve.


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