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Carbon-rich material

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When assembling compost, there are 2 primary categories of plants: ones that are rich in carbon and ones that are rich in nitrogen.

In this lesson, we will teach you how to identify the carbon-rich materials.

Carbon-rich materials can be identified by their dry and rigid appearance. These are called mature plants.

The best exemple is grain stalk. You’ll notice that this corn stalk is brown and brittle.

All types of mature straw are considered carbon-rich plants.

Paper and cardboard, as well as sawdust and dead leaves also fall into this category.

because they all contain a high level of carbon.

As they decompose, they will bring this important element to create a balanced and fertile compost.

Note that there are several terms for carbon-rich materials. They can be called carbon material, mature material, or simply brown material.

carbon material

mature material

brown material


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