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In the second part of this tutorial, we’re going to make the top of our lantern.

The technique is similar to the one in the last video.

The only difference is that we’re not shaping the clay into a cylinder.

Begin by putting the clay on the wheel.

Then, center the clay.

Make sure to choose the right amount of clay for the piece you want to create.

Then open the clay, like this.

Shape the clay to the correct size.

Use a tool to measure your piece.

Your measurements need to be precise. Otherwise, the top won't fit on correctly.

Here, we’re measuring using T-shaped sticks to measure both the depth and width of the piece.

You want to be sure that the top of the lantern has the same width as the base.

When you're finished, mark the place where you want to cut off your piece.

Then use a wire to cut it.

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