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In pottery, glaze is a glassy coating used for decoration and protection.

Glaze is also used to help make porous pottery more impermeable to water and other liquids.

Here, we will use a thin slurry comprised of unfired glaze and water.

First, put glaze inside, like this.

Be sure not to let it touch the outside part of the mug.

For this piece the color on the inside will be different from the color on the outside, so we will use different glazes for each.

Use a sponge to prevent the liquid from touching the outside part.

And the inside part is done.

Now let’s move on to the outside part.

Apply the glaze like this to be sure that only the outside will be glazed in white.

A glaze’s color may be different after it’s been fired, so try firing different types to be sure you end up with the color you want.

Now we will let it dry before adding the decoration.

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