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To finish the shape of the mug before firing, we will have to create and place the handle.

While this step may look simple, it does require some practice.

First, portion the amount of clay you’ll need to create the mug’s handle.

Make a cylinder shape, like this.

Then flatten it.

Here, we cut the piece of clay to get the 2 parts we’re going to use.

Use a cutting tool to mark the placement of the mug’s handle.

The marks, called scoring, will help the handle to stay on.

Make the same marks on both sides of the clay.

Then, dampen the clay and attach it, like this.

The next step is the most difficult part of the process.

We’ll need to make the handle the right size.

Hold the mug like this, and dip your other hand in water.

Then press slightly downward on the handle and slide your hand down, like this.

Do it step-by-step, gently.

Use your fingers to maintain the shape and width.

With your thumb, extend the length of the handle.

Once you have the right length, shape the handle and then attach it.

Now the mug is ready to be glazed or fired.

In the next video, we will glaze it.

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