Watercolor: (part 3/5) draw a girl's face - shonen manga style



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We're going to use the following watercolors: green, cerulean blue, sienna brown, vermilion red, and yellow.

We're using #3 and #5 long-haired brushes.

The #3 brush will be used to mix colors and apply them directly to the drawing.

As you can see, the #5 brush will be used to add water and create contrast.

First, start by dipping a paintbrush in the water and brushing over the drawing, like this, to make the coloring easier later on.

Take the second brush, which you'll use for painting, dip it in the water, and mix the red with a little brown and a little yellow, like this.

Continue mixing these colors, little by little, until you get the right shade for her skin.

Start by painting the shaded area on her forehead, just under the hairline.

Then dip the first brush in the water and use it to dilute the color and create more contrast.

As you can see, we use the bigger brush to dilute the color.

This brush needs to hold enough water for the technique to work properly.

Add a little yellow for the eyelids and the nose.

Always go from the darkest to lightest parts.

As before, use the water brush to dilute the color.

Paint the ear, starting from the inside.

Then paint the neck, starting with the shadow.

Create another mixture with more red, for the lips.

Now, we're going to enhance the contrast.

Recreate the same mixture as the first, but with less water to make it darker.

Since it's very difficult to correct a mistake in watercoloring, always avoid painting the lighter areas.

We will paint all the shadows again to bring out the contrast.

The forehead under the hairline.

The ears.

The neck.

The outline of the eyes.

The nose.

Add a little red for the lips and the inside of the eyes, while being very careful not to paint in the reflection.

Make a new mix with brown and yellow.

Always dilute using the water brush.

Next, dilute the whole face.

Finally, make another mix of red and yellow to finish the lips.

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